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     JINST Instrumentation Theses Archive

Instrumentation Theses provide a useful source of information to JINST readers, far beyond the content of scientific articles. Theses are listed below with consecutive numbers within each year (starting from year 2000). Each thesis has a reference number. The Theses search feature allows you to search for text within the displayed theses metadata (year, author, title and supervisor).


2024 JINST TH 001

Andrea Tesi

Development of novel light and charge readout concepts for liquid argon particle detectors

Shikma Bressler

2024 JINST TH 002

Maria Vittoria Rossi

A novel dose delivery system for cell irradiations with conventional and FLASH dose rates at the Bern medical cyclotron

Michela Prest


2023 JINST TH 001

Vahagn Ivanyan

Design and optimization of beam shaping assemblies for boron neutron capture therapy based on accelerators and DD/DT neutron generators

Michal Silarski

2023 JINST TH 002

Abhishek Saraswat

Development of a two-phase detection probe for high temperature lead-lithium liquid metal applications

Dr. Sateesh Gedupudi

2023 JINST TH 003

Milán Klausz

Full Simulation of Detector Performance of Neutron Instrumentation at ESS

Péter Zagyvai, Dávid Légrády, Richard Hall-Wilton

2023 JINST TH 004

Emil Rofors

A Fast Pixelated Thermal-Neutron Detector

Kevin Fissum

2023 JINST TH 005

Pankaj Sagar

Cryogenic Instrumentation using Planar Inductor based Eddy Current Sensors

R. Karunanithi

2023 JINST TH 006

Simeon Bash

The CHIPS Prototype Water Cherenkov Detector

Jennifer Thomas

2023 JINST TH 007

Nicholai Mauritzson

Neutron-Induced Scintillation in Organics

Kevin Fissum


2022 JINST TH 001

Patrick Koller

A Method to Improve the Neutrino Energy Reconstruction in LArTPCs

Prof. Dr. Michele Weber

2022 JINST TH 002

Martin Antonio Unland Elorrieta

Studies on dark rates induced by radioactive decays of the multi-PMT digital optical module for future IceCube extensions

Alexander Kappes

2022 JINST TH 004

Dan Shaked-Renous

Investigation of RPWELL-based Digital Hadronic Calorimeter

Shikma Bressler

2022 JINST TH 005

Patrycja Dyrcz

Radiological characterization of low- and intermediate level (LL/IL) radioactive waste

dr hab. Łukasz Świderski


2021 JINST TH 001

Francesco Piscitelli

Boron-10 layers, Neutron Reflectometry and Thermal Neutron Gaseous Detectors

Francesco Sacchetti

2021 JINST TH 002

Eran Erdal

Development of novel concepts of noble-liquid detectors for rare-event searches

Prof. Amos Breskin and Dr. Shikma Bressler

2021 JINST TH 003

Mohit Gola

A new look at triple-GEM detector and dark matter search at Large Hadron Collider

Ashok Kumar

2021 JINST TH 004

Stefano Gramigna

A Cylindrical GEM Inner Tracker for the BESIII Experiment: from Construction to Electronic Noise Studies

Dr. Gianluigi Cibinetto

2021 JINST TH 005

Edgar Sánchez García

Underground argon radio-purity studies for DarkSide-20k and R&D on noble gas detectors for rare-events investigation

Pablo Garcia Abia, Luciano Romero Barajas, Roberto Santorelli


2020 JINST TH 001

Eszter Dian

Optimisation of Signal-to-Background Ratio for Thermal Neutron Detectors

Péter Zagyvai, Richard Hall-Wilton, Szabolcs Czifrus

2020 JINST TH 002

Itamar Israeli (Israelashvili)

A novel liquid-Xenon detector concept for combined fast-neutron and gamma-ray imaging and spectroscopy

Professor Amos Breskin

2020 JINST TH 003

Sara Dastan

Optimization of parameters in Iranian Light Source Facility (ILSF) with MOGA

Reza Saffari, Javad Rahighi

2020 JINST TH 004

Javier Fernández Tejero

Design and Optimization of Advanced Silicon Strip Detectors for High Energy Physics Experiments

Miguel Ullán Comes, Celeste Fleta Corral


2019 JINST TH 001

Konrad Pawel Nesteruk

A New System for Online Measurement of the Beam Emittance of Particle Accelerators for Research and medical Applications

Antonio Ereditato

2019 JINST TH 002

Riccardo Farinellli

Research and development in cylindrical triple-GEM detector with μTPC readout for the BESIII experiment

Gianluigi Cibinetto

2019 JINST TH 003

Giacomo Mauri

Development and characterization of detectors for large area application in neutron scattering and small area application in neutron reflectometry

Francesco Piscitelli, Francesco Sacchetti, Alessandro Paciaroni

2019 JINST TH 004

Vendula Maulerova

Vanadium-based neutron-beam monitor

Kevin Fissum

2019 JINST TH 005

Pierluigi Casolaro

Innovative detection methods for radiation hardness

Luigi Campajola


2018 JINST TH 001

Inaki Ortega Ruiz

Accurate Profile Measurement of the Low Intensity Beams in the CERN Experimental Areas

Aurelio Bay

2018 JINST TH 002

Damian Goeldi

A Novel Liquid Argon Time Projection Chamber Detector: The ArgonCube Concept

Antonio Ereditato

2018 JINST TH 003

Luca Moleri

Development of large-area gas-avalanche Resistive-Plate WELL detectors: potential sampling elements for digital hadron calorimetry

Shikma Bressler, Amos Breskin

2018 JINST TH 004

Riccardo Farinelli

A cylindrical GEM detector for BES III

Diego Bettoni

2018 JINST TH 005

Rita Joana da Cruz Roque

X-ray imaging using 100 μm thick Gas Electron Multipliers operating in Kr-CO2

Fernando Domingues Amaro

2018 JINST TH 006

Huan Liu

Research on an improved Overhauser magnetometer

Haobin Dong

2018 JINST TH 007

J. R. Sinclair

Positioning and Timing Calibration of SNO+

Simon Peeters


2017 JINST TH 001

Eran Erdal

Liquid Hole Multipliers — A new concept for large volume noble liquid time projection chamber

Prof. Amos Breskin

2017 JINST TH 002

Elisabetta Nocerino

The Semiconductor Multiplication System for Photoelectrons in a Vacuum Silicon Photomultiplier Tube (VSiPMT) and Related Front End Electronics

Prof. Giancarlo Barbarino

2017 JINST TH 003

Dan Shaked Renous

Resistive-Plate WELL (RPWELL) gas-avalanche radiation detectors: Methods, characterization & properties

Shikma Bressler and Amos Breskin

2017 JINST TH 004

Michal Brandis

Development of a Gamma-Ray Detector for Z-Selective Radiographic Imaging

D.Vartsky, E. Friedman


2016 JINST TH 001

Javier Gracia Garza

Micromegas for the search of solar axions in CAST an low-mass WIMPs in TREX-DM

Igor Garcia Irastorza

2016 JINST TH 002

Sébastien Claude Delaquis

Construction and operation of the EXO-100 cryogenic facility for R&D in liquid xenon: advances in barium ion tagging

Razvan Gornea

2016 JINST TH 003

Felicia Carla Tiziana Barbato

Research and development of a pioneering system for single-photon detection: the VSiPMT

Prof. Giancarlo Barbarino


2015 JINST TH 001

Marina Rodrigues Jorge

Experimental measurement of the electroluminescence yield of pure xenon and mixtures of xenon with percentage quantities of CH4

Luís Manuel Panchorrinha Fernandes

2015 JINST TH 002

Diana Carolina Herrera Muñoz

Development of a Micromegas Time Projection Chamber in Xe-based Penning Mixtures for Rare Event Searches

Igor García Irastorza

2015 JINST TH 003

Sébastien Claude Delaquis

Systematic characterization of a Geiger-mode micro-pixel avalanche photo-diode for cryogenic operation and application

Dr. Igor Kreslo

2015 JINST TH 004

Marco Povoli

Development of enhanced double-sided 3D radiation sensors for pixel detector upgrades at HL-LHC

Gian-Franco Dalla Betta

2015 JINST TH 005

Alexander Kish

Dark Matter Search with the XENON100 Experiment

Laura Baudis


2014 JINST TH 001

Francisca Javiela Munoz Sanchez

Study of New Silicon Sensors for Experiments at Future Particle Colliders

Ivan Vila Alvarez


2013 JINST TH 001

Alfredo Tomas Alquezar

Development of Time Projection Chambers with Micromegas for Rare Event Searches

I.G. Irastorza and J.A. Villar

2013 JINST TH 002

Adam Rubin

THGEM-detector investigations: electron-avalanche asymmetry and operation with resistive anodes

Amos Breskin

2013 JINST TH 003

Raja Aamir

Using MARS Spectral CT for Identifying Biomedical Nanoparticles

Prof. Phil Butler


2012 JINST TH 001

Tomasz Szczesniak

Optimization of Detectors for Time-of-Flight Positron Emission Tomography

prof. Marek Moszynski

2012 JINST TH 002

Stefano Meroli

Silicon pixel detectors for high precision measurements

Leonello Servoli

2012 JINST TH 003

Michael Pitt

Experimental research in particle physics: Detector development and data analysis

Amos Breskin and Eilam Gross


2011 JINST TH 001

Marco Cortesi

Prostate-cancer diagnosis by non-invasive prostatic Zinc mapping using X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF)

Prof. Amos Breskin and Dr. Rachel Chechik

2011 JINST TH 002

Dennis Haefner

Development of a new analog Sum-trigger for the MAGIC experiment with a continuously adjustable analog delay line and automatic calibration

Thomas Schweizer

2011 JINST TH 003

Javier Galan

Probing eV-mass scale axions with a Micromegas detector in the CAST

Igor G. Irastorza

2011 JINST TH 004

Alessandro Mapelli

Scintillation Particle Detectors Based on Plastic Optical Fibres and Microfluidics

Philippe Renaud


2010 JINST TH 001

Giacomo Bartesaghi

Development of Detectors for Dosimetry and Spectrometry in BNCT Epithermal Neutron Fields

Grazia Gambarini

2010 JINST TH 002

Alexey Lyashenko

Development of gas-avalanche photomultipliers sensitive in the visible spectral range

Prof. Amos Breskin

2010 JINST TH 003

Julian Becker

Signal development in silicon sensors used for radiation detection

Robert Klanner


2008 JINST TH 001

Raz Alon

Noble-gas operation, timing and imaging properties of Thick Gaseous Electron Multiplier (THGEM)-based radiation detectors

Amos Breskin and Rachel Chechik

2008 JINST TH 002

Irene Carne

The feasibility of the application of THGEM-detectors for measurement in neutron fields possibly with spectroscopic information, was investigated. After an initial study of the properties of THGEM-based detectors a preliminary configuration of a spectrometric imaging system for fast (0.1 10 MeV) neutrons was proposed and Monte Carlo simulations, using GEANT4 and MCNP4c-5 codes, were performed to assess its properties.

Grazia Gambarini and Amos Breskin

2008 JINST TH 003

Michal Brandis

Particle Identification via Track Imaging in Liquid-Scintillator-Core Capillary Arrays

Eliahu Friedman and Mark Goldberg

2008 JINST TH 004

Jarosław Zdebik

Merging and splitting of clusters in the electromagnetic calorimeter of the KLOE detector

Paweł Moskal

2008 JINST TH 005

Guillaume Potdevin

Development of higher efficiency photocathodes for gas filled detectors

Johann Collot


2007 JINST TH 001

Gábor Laczkó

Investigation of the Radial Ionization Distribution of Heavy Ions with an Optical Particle Track Chamber and Monte-Carlo Simulations

Volker Dangendorf

2007 JINST TH 002

Dahmane Mazed

A Multiple Cell Proportional Counter for Continuous Airborne Radon Assessment

Giorgio Curzio

2007 JINST TH 003

Adam Nepomuk Otte

Observation of VHE Gamma-Rays from the Vicinity of magnetized Neutron Stars and Development of new Photon-Detectors for Future Ground based Gamma-Ray Detectors

Eckart Lorenz


2006 JINST TH 001

Stephen James Smith

Development of Transition Edge Sensor Distributed Read-Out Imaging Devices for Applications in X-ray Astronomy

George W. Fraser

2006 JINST TH 002

Ilan Mor

Energy-resolved fast-neutron imaging via time resolved optical readout

David Vartsky

2006 JINST TH 003

Diego Gonzalez Diaz

Research and developments on timing RPCs. Application to the ESTRELA detector of the HADES experiment at GSI.

Juan Antonio Garzon Heydt and Paulo Jorge Ribeiro da Fonte

2006 JINST TH 004

Fabio Belloni

Ion implantation via a laser ion source

Vincenzo Nassisi

2006 JINST TH 005

Scott Douglas Kiff

Coplanar Anode Implementation in Compressed Xenon Ionization Chambers

Zhong He

2006 JINST TH 006

André David

Prompt and displaced muon production in Indium-Indium collisions as measured by the NA60 experiment

João Seixas

2006 JINST TH 007

Kaixuan Ni

Development of a Liquid Xenon Time Projection Chamber for the XENON Dark Matter Search

Elena Aprile


2005 JINST TH 001

Chen Shalem

R&D of a novel gas electron multiplier * the THGEM

Amos Breskin and Rachel Chechik

2005 JINST TH 002

Sharmila Kamat

Extending the Sensitivity to the Detection of WIMP Dark Matter with an Improved Understanding of the Limiting Neutron

Daniel S Akerib

2005 JINST TH 003

Luis Manuel Panchorrinha Fernandes

Characterization of large area avalanche photodiodes for detection of X-rays, vacuum ultraviolet and visible light

Joaquim Marques Ferreira dos Santos

2005 JINST TH 004

Dirk Mörmann

Study of novel gaseous photomultipliers for UV and visible light

Amos Breskin

2005 JINST TH 005

Maria Elena Monzani

Characterization and calibration of the Borexino detector for solar and supernova neutrinos

Hervé de Kerret

2005 JINST TH 006

Paolo Berra

Design, construction and tests of a 3 GHz proton linac booster (LIBO) for cancer therapy

Ugo Amaldi, Albert Demeyer and Joseph Remillieux


2004 JINST TH 001

Guy Garty

Development of ion-counting nanodosimetry and evaluation of its relevance to radiation biology

Amos Breskin

2004 JINST TH 002

Jan Kaplon

Fast Bipolar and CMOS Rad-Hard Front End Electronics for Silicon Strip Detectors

Wladyslaw Dabrowski


2003 JINST TH 001

Gili Assaf

Comparison of the biophysical effects on DNA, of protons and alpha-particles of equal mean ionization

Amos Breskin


2000 JINST TH 001

Efrat Shefer

Study of novel stable photocathode materials for gaseous photon detectors in the near-UV to the visible spectral range

Amos Breskin

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