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     JINST Instrumentation Theses Archive

2004 JINST TH 002    

Ph.D. degree thesis
accepted by AGH University of Science and Technology, Poland, in 2004

Jan Kaplon

 Supervisor: Wladyslaw Dabrowski

Fast Bipolar and CMOS Rad-Hard Front End Electronics for Silicon Strip Detectors


  • Analogue electronic circuits
  • Front-end electronics for detector readout
  • VLSI circuits
  • Radiation damage evaluation methods
  • Radiation damage to electronic components

This thesis describes development of fast, radiation-hard Front-End (FE) electronics for readout of silicon strip detectors to be used in the experiments built around the LHC (Large Hadron Collider) machine. The thesis summarises the results of the author's work on the design, optimisation and evaluation tests of the analogue blocks of the FE chips, namely the preamplifiers, noise filtering stages (shapers) as well as the comparators required in the binary readout architecture.  

for assistance and suggestions: the JINST editorial office