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7th edition of the INFIERI International School series on Signal Processing
for Frontier Resarch and Industry
28 August-9 September, 2023
University of Sao Paulo, USP, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Cutting edge instrumentation is a driving force for scientific progress, in Fundamental Research (e.g. Particle Physics or Astrophysics) as well as in many Applied Research fields like New Energies and Nanotechnologies. Novel sophisticated signal processing schemes are a key element in building the advanced instruments of the 21st century. It is around all the aspects of the signal processing chain that the scientific and technological program of the INFIERI schools is built.

The program of the 2023 school covered Advanced Semiconductors, 4D (time, space) Technologies, Photonics, Interconnects, Data Transmission, Big Data, High Performance Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Technologies, as well as their scientific motivations. The latter range from the exploration and understanding of the universe with large terrestrial telescopes and space astronomy to the elementary particle world with future accelerators and gigantic neutrino experiments, and an opening on the applied world focused on New Energies and the interfaces of Nanotechnology, Nanobiology and Nanomedicine.


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